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IN THIS PAGE - - Frequently Encountered Users' Calculation Enquiries for Conflict Minerals(FEUCE_cm) | Link to Frequently Encountered User Committed Errors

Status Updates in Using MRPRO-EICC-GeSi-RMI Conflict Minerals Dashboard

Recommended stable version-(this page last reviewed and contents current as of February 8, 2018 GMT 00:00 hrs); License also renewed here.

The install program was updated for extended support, and ZIP filename (and link) has changed. The new link is given below and this link will be maintained till further change is posted in order to maintain continuity, so THE ZIP FILENAME ITSELF WILL GENERALLY BE SAME, the program files within will always have been updated and will have later dates

- Click here for Zip file location for download

Mirror site (alternate) for Zip file location for download

The password for extracting files from the zip is 1234eicc. If you downloaded before last site review and update date posted above you should update. The rollup strictly enforces the relationship between smelter ids and names by checking the dropdown vales, and so if those are not properly picked but randomly entered, there will be a program crash. Fix this thus, use smelter id and by choosing the dropdown correctly, before calling for help

For rollups of previous/pre-Dated version of templates use the landing page got by clicking on this link on this line

Read the readme text (link given below) for system requirements for proper functionality of all features. Link to Videos available for training and to to demonstrate usage of important functions:

Logs of recent updates and features/fixes

8 February 2018- version control for List Report updated.

6 December 2017- Training videos sequence updated.

3 December 2017- New version of CMRT, updated compliant smelter xml files (for rollups of previous versions of CMRTs, use the previous zip from zip archive on this page for installation, this is because of change of CMRT from xls to xlsx files-note added 1/12/2018).

17 November 2017- Tighter Dropbox File Request Integration (All cloud file systems supported, but extended support for Dropbox (click link to learn more). See training videos for desktop Dropbox integration.

18-19 October 2017- Minor update for functionality in Copying Declaration summary, certified smelter smelter checking versus (CFSI)RMI xml files

5 August 2017- Minor update for functionality

22-23 June 2017- Updated for CMRT 5.01

2 June 2017- Updated for CMRT 5.0

24 - 29 January 2017- Updated opening screen, extended support to 64 bit Excel (see install instructions).

2 January 2017- Updated to allow XML sort and search using jquery even if not connected to internet (previously you had to be connected to use the libraries)

10 December 2016- Updated for CMRT version 4.20

27 July 2016- Remove second sort after supplier based excel rollup which causes bug

See the MRPRO_REST_API ver 2.02 for the header information added in the broadcasts.

Simplified Method 1 Installation/Updating instructions

Click here/link for new installation or updating existing installation, good for this version also

Alternate Method 2 Simplified Installation/Updating instructions

Click here/link for new installation or updating existing installation, good for this version also

Click here/link for readme text-operating instructions

Follow the instructions bringing in summaries of the Declarations sheet answers to masterlist, and you can obtain pie charts as shown in the training videos. If the questions are those to which the summary has answers to all questions in one cell, copy that entire column alone to Notepad, save as something.csv and close. Then open something.csv using Excel, with commas as dlimiters, and you will have individual columns you can apply the floating pie chart to and get all statistics.


Old version support and old zip file is available to support users who still need that: (To switch between versions, there is no need to re-install. Just exit the program and Excel, then extract the contents of the zipfile you need to c:\mrp51 ensuring overwite of old files, then launch). Hint: If you are doing rollups with old versions of CMRTs, do the rollups using the old zip as appropriate, then convert the old CMRT to a new one, then load the files from the new zip folder to migrate forward. This helps in checking against compliant smelters and the new zip contains more optimized algorithms in checking versus the latest RMI smelter lists.

Link to the old zip folder archives

For hundreds of supplier templates' rollups, best to use XML rollup feature. Convert all supplier templates to XML using the output multiple xml files feature after loading you supplier file paths in Sheet AF and then run the Addin. Correct all error supply files or get them out of the list to be redone and added later. Do the rollup after all supplier files have been corrected and added to the list.

While doing the XML search or rollup, the filenames and paths should be in Sheet AF. If the files are on the desktop, the files must be in a folder within the C:\mrp51 folder. If on the web, the complete path including http:// must be entered.

For files on the desktop, the program automatically sanitizes the path from the current directory (C:\mrp51), by removing the the C:\mrp51 and converting all \ to /, appropraite for web web computation. If your xml search or rollup does not work, check if your path starting C:\mrp51\ is removed by the program. In some cases if your administrator has a used a non-ASCII ":" in the C:\mrp51 it may not remove this string, then you will need to manually set the path. To do this, copy all the filenames and paths to a blank sheet, then do a find and replace of all "C:\mrp51\", then paste in Sheet AF. There all \ will be converted to / automatically. Thus, finally, if your full filename and path is C:\mrp51\folder1\example1.xml the path that the program needs to see to run properly is folder1/example1.xml

Rollup of Excel based files (only .xlsx type files allowed for CMRT now, if you have .xlsm or .xlsb- open them and save them as .xlsx files Always check your all templates for these basics and for also being the proper version before using including them in a rollup, this will save you time in the overall process) and check smelter names in outbound templates- The latest conflict minerals template allows a little more than about 2000 rows. So if you have more, you will get an error. The key is to get the Smelter names correct, then you will never run over the limit. The best thing is to run the "Check Smelter names" in the Addins (after first selecting the current template first to make it active workbook). Always select the current workbook by clicking once before clicking an Addin button. This check smelter names feature works only with version 3.00 and higher templates. Read the readme7.txt for more on this feature.

Duplicate smelter name removal
During the rollup program removes duplicate smelter names if they are for the same metal by comparing against smelter names in first file, subsequent same smelter names for same metal in subsequent supplier files are not duplicated. In the latest version, to conform to writeout requirements, all smelter fields of two rows must be equal to be considered a duplicate.

Recommended smelter fields error correction procedure
After the rollup process, if smelter names are found mismatching, the best method is trace the suppliers with bad names or fields in their smelter list using the search procedures, and have them correct them. For users' own smelter lists, the recommended correction from an partially incorrect CMRT, is as follows, open a second new CMRT, do a manual pick of the new corrected smelters after checking, ensuring the smelter fields, then take that CMRT and roll it up with the earlier CMRT, and remove the incorrect duplicates in the resulting rollup. If proper smelters are picked from the bottom supplier on, there will be no such errors.

Web/XML database search
For best results, if you cannot configure your browser, for local XML files on desktop use Mozilla Firefox as your default browser, and for web file locations use Internet Explorer as your default browser(when IE asks for permission to allow blocked content, give permission)

Advise on Error 13, type mismatch, due to Language and Regional setting in Excel other than English:

If you get the above error due to your setting in Excel, it has something to do with the following type of issue (although the exact issue is different).

Possible reason(click this)

If you can find the setting that causes this, set it in your default setting to prevent this error. An alternate recommended solution is to run on a machine with Language setting English. This has to do with version defaults in Excel and nothing to do with preference of one international language over another.

Advise on Rollup process stop or Conversion to XML stop:

"Method-Activate_Object of Notebook Failed" (Runtime error-2147221080) OR Error 91--The likely source of your error is that there is a problem with one of the files you are trying to rollup. Look at all the files that are open when the program stops. If a supplier file is open, it is the likely cause and is an incorrect file. The other possibility is that one of your supplier files is not even opening properly. A good visual clue has been added to identify faulty supplier files by stopping during each step (this minor feature added 3/14/2013) of the process to show the file being used in Sheet AF. In general, make sure all your supplier files are openable by Excel. If the program stop is on the first line of Sheet AF and there is no problem with file 1, the only other possibility is that in some Microsoft Windows systems, the EICC-GeSi template can be opened only with a pop-up happening. In those cases, when doing a rollup/multifile conversion, the same error message may show up. In these cases, try and open the file eicckp3A3A.xlsx (for CMRT 5.10 and higher) manually. If a pop-up happens, just save the file by using the same name. If the pop-up is the cause, after this, the pop-up will not happen when opening the file, and so the error will not happen again. If there is no pop-up, dont save the file.
Also if you start getting more than 2500 smelters, better convert your files to the built-iin EICC-GeSi xml format and do the rollups, as even CMRT has limitations over 3000 smelters and rollup templates could hang up on that.
In addition, always ensure your suppliers do not start a cell entry with "#" or a link, as these could jeopardize reading files. Lastly, but importantly, check that all CMRTs are saved as .xlsx (not .xls -remember only .xlsx is allowed from 5.10 and higher, or in some cases, due to user errors as ".xlsx.xlsx" twice-this can be seen in Sheet AF when the files names are loaded. If such is the case correct both the actual filename and also the corresponding entry in Sheet AF. For further troubleshooting see also Frequently Encountered User Committed Errors

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IN THIS PAGE- - Frequently Encountered Users Calculation Enquiries for Conflict Minerals(FEUCE_cm) | Link to Frequently Encountered User Committed Errors

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