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Training material and links for MRPRO (TM) for Conflict Free Smelters and Minerals

MRPRO training links

The following links provide access to training material. Look for the one you need and click the link

Last update: February 16, 2024

#  Category  Feature  Formats  Limitations  Training material link
1 Overview General Information Excel, XML All mandatory data Main information page
2 Smelters Rolling up smelter names, subsequent checking of smelter names also part of this example Excel All mandatory data Load all supplier CMRTs names into Sheet AF using menu item in Addins, then do smelter rollup using button in main console (first sheet). From here you can remove duplicates and the copy and paste cell vales (not entire sheet) to the smelter list sheet of your CMRT
3 Smelters Searching of smelter usage by suppliers by different criteria part of this example Excel All mandatory data Use the smelter search button in main console, enter smrlter id or name and hit search
4 Declaration page summary CMRT Declaration responses are pulled into a summary. Stats and charts are shown. Excel All mandatory data Load supplier filenames to Sheet AF. Open masterlist.xls file. Then click Copy EICC/GeSi Summary in Addins. The data will show in the second sheet. For pie chart, you just point-click to the top data cell of any column of yes/no/other answers and then click "create a pie chart" for those responses, it will tally and do that.
5 Smelters Rolling up smelter names based on BOMs Excel All mandatory data, but supplier decs need to be at product level Enter the part numbers in Sheet BOM and then follow same steps as Smelter rollup, but use button for BOM based rollup
6 Back Engine capabilities Native EICC-Gesi XML based massive computations XML, EICC-Gesi version 3.00 and up All mandatory data Convert all CMRTs to XML then load XML filenames to Sheet AF using Addin button for loading XML filenames, then use main console button for XML rollup
7 Export and exchange Supply chain exchange formatted CFSI supported IPC 1755 XML All mandatory data Load all CMRT names into Sheet AF, then i\use Addin button to convert to XML files.
8 Checking versus certified smelters Checking the smelters on a supplier CMRT versus the CFSP website lists of conflict free smelters Excel, CMRT All mandatory data-note that the certified smelter filenames from RMI (CFSI) to be saved as are shown in the program Simply click on any sheet of an open filled CMRT-smelters will be checked versus the list that is from the zip installation that is periodically updated. Users can also download list from RMI site but must name the file appropriately just like from the zip.
9 Installation Installation (supports 32 bit Microsoft Excel) Excel, CMRT 32 Bit Microsoft Excel, Any Microsoft Windows OS Installation is simplified now, as the dll file registration is no longer needed. Just follow rest of steps as outlined in Main information page
10 General-Supplier authentication Dropbox or Box File Request Dropbox or Box account Dropbox or Box account Use Dropbox or Box filerequest and then check for all suppliers.
11 Supplier authentication in MRPRO Dropbox File Request Dropbox account Dropbox account, MRPRO Use Dropbox or Box filerequest and then check for all suppliers.
12 Moving Dropbox folder to within C:\mrp51 or a subfolder Dropbox Folder Dropbox account Dropbox account Moving Dropbox folder
13 Box operations Box Folder Box account Box account All operations are very similar to that of Dropbox. Use Box protocols to do file request to get all supplier CMRTs/ERTs to a Box folder, sync that folder to a folder within C:\mrp51. Then follow same procedures as above to do operations on the files in that folder.

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