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MRPRO(TM) brings the cloud down to groundlevel for everyone.

A very easy-to-use program, MRPRO is an interface for cloud, hybrid or desktop platforms for managing products' complete lifecycle data. In addition to enabling compliance with global regulatory regimes such as Montebello (North American-USA, Canada, Mexico), REACH, EuP, RoHS (and RoHS-like, such as China RoHS, Korea RoHS), Japan Green, and those of individual states in the US such Green Chemistry Initiative (California). It is a total solution, in which users can import parts compositions in standards based (such as IRC 62474 and IPC 175X series) XML formats or from spreadsheet formats or read in from desktop calculations or from material testing. They can also carry Material Usage type information easily for their declarations. From the directory of parts materials' compositions, the package computes total usage and composition. A rules based logic also evaluates compositions to compare with thresholds and also performs other evaluations based on criteria set by the standard. MRPRO is an easy-to-use platform. For the cloud interface, there is no installation. For those who prefer the desktop, installation and use are very easy. The program is built to exchange data between the desktop (such a spreadsheet format and any type of XML formats for product footprint data).

MRPRO can be useful and save you time and money because of the following::

1. Optimized computational algorithms bring you the power of larger systems to your hands.

2. Data can be viewed in a popular spreadsheet format or in XML (internet/intranet) enabling greater collaboration leading it to be subject to good Quality Control.

3. Regular clerical staff can run the program and get compliance information for you. The easy user interface enables easy deployment across the enterprise.

4. The company can do its compliance in-house because all tasks including IT can be done easily. This protects valuable product information and enables internal data control. This also satisfies compliance requirements for company responsibility for product and materials under its control.

5. Assembly processes for electronic components including but not limited to consumer products such as cell phones, PDAs, products such as network switches, routers, hubs and other equipment, semiconductor assemblies, electronic medical devices, computers and all other types of electronic products can benefit from the capabilities of MRPRO.

6. Total Cost of Ownership of product is amazingly low and yet it can meet all of the standards and includes all of the Level A and Level B materials.

7. Write out in JIG format or Export in XML to IPC 175x series standard or in spreadsheet format. This is useful in complying with RoHS and other compliance requirements. You can publish your product composition data, let others import it or you can import data from your suppliers seamlessly. Automated BOM examination and flagging of parts having substances above threshold levels and doing a "X" and "O" matrix as is commonly required is easily done using MRPRO(TM). This type of labelling is required under "China RoHS".

8. MRPRO can calculate and maintain records of a complete product environmental footprint including all pollutants created in the manufacture of a product, those that could be created during normal use of the product and those that are released at the end of life. It can also perform a cradle-to-cradle evaluation by identifying uniquely fully recycled materials.

9. The energy or power usage of a product is also directly able to be associated with a carbon footprint that depends on the users' source of energy, Aggregation across thousands of devices and processes is also built-in.

10. Users can rapidly transmit thousands of selected BOM files (within the enterprise usually) or product declarations(to clients) or survey forms(to and from suppliers) by direct exchange from the social media using the program eliminating tedious email downloads. Thus exchanges between companies can be automated from data kept available on web sites and frequent manual intervention, such as email requests or replies having huge attachments for request of data is unnecessary (though these are also available options in MRPRO). Thus tedium is avoided and efficiency is increased.

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