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IN THIS PAGE - - Frequently Encountered Users' Calculation Enquiries for Slavery and Trafficking Risk Templates(FEUCE_strt) | Link to Frequently Encountered User Committed Errors

Status Updates in Using MRPRO(TM) STRT-Slavery and Trafficking Risk Templates(Evaluation) Dashboard

Recommended stable version-(this page last reviewed and contents current as of Feb 18, 2019 GMT 00:00 hrs); License also renewed here. Always clear browser history when viewing this page to get the latest page (not one stored in your cache)

The install program was updated for extended support, and ZIP filename (and link) has changed. The new link is given below and this link will be maintained till further change is posted in order to maintain continuity, so THE ZIP FILENAME ITSELF WILL GENERALLY BE SAME, the program files within will always have been updated and will have later dates

Click this link for Site for Zip file location for download

The password for extracting files from the zip is 1234eicc. If you downloaded before last site review and update date posted above you should update.

Read the readme text (link given below) for system requirements for proper functionality of all features. Link to Videos available for training and to to demonstrate usage of important functions:

Logs of recent updates and features/fixes

19 Feb 2019- Release

How to use: Click here/link for dashboard operation

Simplified Method 1 Installation/Updating instructions

Click here/link for new installation or updating existing installation, good for this version also

Alternate Method 2 Simplified Installation/Updating instructions

Click here/link for new installation or updating existing installation, good for this version also

Click here/link for readme text-operating instructions

A subscription license is necessary, click on the link on left to purchase one. For entities whose annual gross revenue is less that $1 Million (US dollars), they may apply to get a waiver on the paid license requirement, however they must apply to the online help desk and may be required to submit proof.

If you get the above error due to your setting in Excel, it has something to do with the following type of issue (although the exact issue is different).

Possible reason(click this)

If you can find the setting that causes this, set it in your default setting to prevent this error. An alternate recommended solution is to run on a machine with Language setting English. This has to do with version defaults in Excel and nothing to do with preference of one international language over another.

For further troubleshooting see also Frequently Encountered User Committed Errors

NEXT Short messaging for Supply Chain Information Tracking

Advise on Error 13, type mismatch, due to Language and Regional setting in Excel other than English:

IN THIS PAGE- - Frequently Encountered Users Calculation Enquiries for Conflict Minerals(FEUCE_cm) | Link to Frequently Encountered User Committed Errors

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