Choosing the mode, CMRT (Conflict Minerals Reporting Template) or (CRT) Cobalt Reporting Temple:

It is very simple:

From the Addins menu choose the mode you would like.

Then you will be prompted for (new) template to choose as the default (this is necessary for reference). For ease, the templates from the RMI have been included in this zip.




When choosing modes, you can bring in latest CMRT template from RMI site into c:\mrp51 folder as instructed below and then choose the mode, then point to the latest template for the mode you are choosing. .You can thus download a new version of the template from the RMI site, and bring it into c:\mrp51 folder and use it in a similar manner (what you call it before choosing is immaterial, as long as the choice is done by pointing to the proper file, it will be chosen properly as the default).

If using the MRPRO dashboard for Responsible Minerals Initiative, in the main console on the top right you should see the default mode chosen. Always, ensure you are operating in correct mode.

Also, for checking against the latest smelter list, as RMI frequently updates it- you can download the Full Conformant Smelter List from the RMI site in XML format, then use the rename feature to remove just the date (after the last “t” in “List” in the file name Full Conformant Smelter List) and the format still XML and the file extension is ,xml and get this file in the c:\mrp51 folder. If you do this, you will successfully replace (windows will alert you about replacing a file-this is a check that you renamed file properly) the previous such file while doing conformant smelter checks.

When prompted for version of mrpo51 to save, always choose the xls (97-2003) format for best results and full compatibility.