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Frequently encountered user created errors in writing material declarations


No file output or Run time error 6 :

Potential cause:

User must select the file input by CLICKING on it (any cell on the open workbook) just before clicking the Addin for XML writeout. To avoid confusion, find the Addin you want to use by scrolling thru the Addins ribbon, then carefully select (-by clicking) the file input (the file you want to convert, which is open), and then just click the Addin, and the xml will be written. This applies when using templates. Please see below for other sources of user error.


Not getting xml or bad xml

Potential cause:

User must color subproduct name cell color BOM level blue -just the subproduct name cell (see example)


Error in writing XML

Potential cause:

User has changed some cell protection. Go to Home Ribbon-Format- Unprotect sheet (do this for all sheets in a template), then try writing xml using procedure shown above. Always use "Paste Values" rather than "Paste" when entering data in cells to avoid this problem.


Other error:

Potential cause:

Error in your data file

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For JAMP XML write-out------

Error in XML written

Potential cause:

After filling Ysht and then writing JAMP XML, ensure the program fills in all required columns related to material class into Ysht. Typically, if you just have homogeneous material names, then you would need a lookup table such as, and so after the xml has been written check that the lookup has entered all required material data for each homogeneous material. If not, you will either have to update the mlookup table for the homogeneous materials that do not have proper entries or manually enter the data for each material into Ysht.


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