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IN THIS PAGE - - Features of basic residential version | PRODUCTS

Read this to understand the features of the basic version of MRPRO for green button connect for residential users

This will help you decide if this software will save you more than the money you license it for

Save energy and money by intelligent resource usage

Read this information to know the capabilities of the basic version of MRPRO for green button:

Minimum requirements PC platform, 64 or 32 bit Windows OS, 32 bit Excel installation

What you will need to do and what you get: You simply enter a number key and the data pertaining will be downloaded, though routines are separately given for each utility and you choose the utility that pertains to you.

Then choose the data you want to analyze. Of the data sets, choose the data you want to analyze.

You can at this point compute carbon footprints of the sets of data, or do other comparisons of datasets chosen OR

Analyze in depth one long or short dataset and obtains standard statistics, view peak usage, average, "always on", median and mode and standard deviation.

You can get a breakdown of total energy used during peak, part peak and other times is given, and also as a percentage so users can get insight into their usage.

You can size up solar power needs to meet peak day time needs or offset costs.

Monthly solar disaggregator and credit period reconciliation lets you match your usage to maximize green energy usage, lower costs and help utilities manage peak loads at low carbon footprints.

For more information also

More information

More features are planned in the near future, so you must decide if this price of US $1.99 amonth (or $23 a year) is justified for you to be able to save money using this product.

Some screen shots are at:

Screen shot 1 showing a routine analysis chart set

Screen shot 2 showing long term solar overlay

Screen shot 3 - Short/peak time solar overlay

The purchase link for subscription is at (if using IE open link in new tab or window):

For the one time expirable license purchase(if using IE open link in new tab or window)

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IN THIS PAGE- - Features of basic residential version | PRODUCTS

To request more advanced version or send feedback or to contact, please email us

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