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Using Microsoft's Skydrive to get cloud based exchange of supply chain data

In addition, Papros Inc.'s MRPRO sitting on desktop or virtualized desktop helps Automated Supply Chain Information Tracking

Use the cloud, selectively share, automatically track, capture and record supply chain data information

This write-up, a feedback from one user of EICC-GeSI template and MRPRO dashboard had this process to offer for all of us as an example:

First I downloaded the skydrive app from Microsoft. I moved the created skydrive directory on my hard drive to a directory within C:\ In this directory I created a bunch of duplicates of the EICC-GeSi template, as many as you need for the number of suppliers, all blank, but each having a supplier name or ID.

Then I created a Microsoft skydrive account. As soon as I logged into the skydrive account, all my files from my hard drive skydrive folder (all the supplier files in the skydrive directory) automatically came on to the cloud directory. I went in and shared each one with that supplier (that supplier needs to have their own skydrive account). Then the supplier (I had a supplier person log in) was able to edit their template and fill everything and save (they cannot save as a differnt name, that is why I had to create many duplicates of blank ones). When all suppliers are done, I log in to the skydrive cloud directory. Immediately all the files get synced in to my hard directory. Then I launch MRPRO, and do a quick rollup.

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